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We use Top 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing

OperatorSekolah.com use Top 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing

File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing
File Sharing is a process of sharing/dispensing or providing get admission to to digital records, consisting of multimedia content material audio documents, video documents, files, infographics, laptop programs, e-books and photographs. styles of report sharing - file synchronization and sharing services peer to see report sharing :



  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing - million of users use P2P file sharing approach. using this approach you can share digital statistics like audios , motion pictures, photographs, computer documents. variety of software that connects in to a P2P community to discover for shared files at the computer systems and cell devices of different customers connected to the internet. using this you can downloaded documents directly from other customers at the internet.
  • Cloud-based file sharing services - google pressure and dropbox.com massive cloud-based report sharing services. using this approach users create a unique folder on each of their devices or computer systems. All files placed in this folder are handy via a web and cell software, and can be shared with other users for viewing. Many groups and IT specialists use cloud based document sharing offerings (e.g. Google drives, Dropbox).

DriveGoogle.com  -   Alexa rank = NA   loose online garage space = 14 GB

Google Drive is a report storage and synchronization carrier. It advanced through Google and launched on can also 13, 2012. it's far a maximum famous document sharing website offer 15 GB loose storage area, one hundred GB US$1.ninety nine in keeping with month, 1 TB area US$nine.99 according to month. Google pressure consumer software program aid Microsoft windows operating device, mac OS, chrome OS, Android, iOS, iPads, iPhones, Linux. Google power assist all report codecs :- photos file codecs, movies, text files, .css .html .personal home page .c c++, .document microsoft strength point , adobe photoshop(.psd), scalable vector photographs(.svg), fonts(.ttf .otf), archive document kinds   loose on line storage area = 2 GB


Dropbox.com is a report website hosting site. It was advanced with the aid of Arash ferdowsi and Drew houston in 2007 may. DropBox is box gadget, its client software aid (iPhone, IOS, Android, Microsoft Window, Mac working machine and Linux). tens of millions of users use dropbox at paintings. This site provide greater powerful security and admin controls. Dropbox secures your files with  step verification and 256 Bit encryption. the use of it you may put your any stuff(pictures,movies, file documents) and share work with your group participants.

available in - 17 languages   type - on line Backup service   unfastened online garage space = 50 GB


Mediafire is a document web hosting and cloud storage carrier based totally in united states of america. This extraordinary internet site become based in June 2006 by means of Tom Langridge and Derek Labian. using it you can proportion your pictures on Social network (facebook, linkedin). Mediafire gives  sort of debts expert and business, both money owed gives long term garage and greater additional services. In 2013, MediaFire delivered help for each audio and video streaming via its on line report viewer.

onedrive.live   loose online storage space = 15 GB


Onedrive.com advanced by means of microsoft released on august 2, 2007. Onedrive become available to sixty two countries. Onedrive.live.Com (previously skyDrive) is a every other file website hosting provider. With help of OneDrive you could without problems store and proportion pictures, motion pictures, and all different record files - anywhere, anydevice. the usage of this carrier you can without problems percentage your information on Social Networking websites (fb, linkedIn, Twitter). OneDrive guide "recycle device" means you may undo your deleted files. OneDrive gives 15 GB free space, one hundred GB for $1.99/month, two hundred GB for $3.99/month and 1 TB $6.ninety nine/month.

4Shared.com  -   Alexa rank = 301   unfastened on line garage area = 15 GB


4shared.com is a file sharing website it become founded by Sergey Chudnovsky and Alex Lunkov in 2005. With 4shared customers can load, save manipulate any type of documents ( pictures, videos, and text documents). 4Shared.com provide 15 GB of free area for storing files. extra than 10 million registered users use this carrier. 4shared toolbar assist internet explorer and firefox.

iCloud.com  -   Alexa rank = 443   free online garage space = five GB


iCloud.com is cloud computing file sharing web page evolved by means of Apple inc. 320 million customers use this service. website online created for iOS and mac running device. This web page support the backup and restore function. iCloud allow customers to shop bookmark, ibooks, music, images a whole lot more. whilst you sign up for iCloud, you mechanically get 5 GB of loose garage. in case you need extra storage, you could improve to a larger garage plan. type - on line backup carrier   License - Freeware.

Mega.co.nz  -   Alexa rank = 523   loose on-line storage space = fifty one GB

Mega.co.nz is a new zealand based online report sharing website online developed with the aid of Kim dotcom in january 2013. Mega cell software available for iOS, Blackberry, Android. Mega offer 50 GB free online storage area. Its paid plans - 500GB/$nine.99Monthly, 2TB/$19.99Monthly, 4TB/$29.99Monthly.

Uploaded.net  -   Alexa rank = 443   free on-line storage area = 8 GB

Uploaded.internet is most famous report sharing website. the usage of it you can add your images, mp3 songs files, video files with out registration. Its more speedy and famous service on the internet. With uploaded.net you can add of documents up to 250 MB.

container   unfastened on-line garage area = 10 GB


field.com is a first rate report sharing web site. gives free 10 GB on-line garage space. With field, you could shop all varieties of files on line - from shows, photos and motion pictures to financials, spreadsheets and taxes, keep the whole lot organized in folders just like on your laptop. field cell apps available for iOS, Window telephones, Android and Blackbarry. With field, you can use some 3rd birthday celebration packages   on line garage area = one hundred% free

Zippyshare.com is a one hundred% unfastened report hosting service. It become evolved in may additionally 2006 and more famous in the world, 30 million customers use this site. zippyshare carrier 100% unfastened, no sign up required, unlimited disk area and offer speedy download velocity. All zippyshare records comfy under DMCA coverage.

Wetransfer.com  -   Alexa rank = 549   loose online garage space = 10 GB

Wetransfer became founded by Nalden in 2009. With wetransfer, you could upload your snap shots, videos and text documents and percentage on social network. WeTransfer Plus account offers more than one features:- switch up to ten GB, Password safety, Social sharing options, switch manager   free on-line storage space = 10 GB

With Sendspace, you can send, share, track and acquire your files. Sendspace.com is a web document transfer network advanced in 2005, with sendspace you could upload your snap shots , videos, software program programs, products, touch facts and without difficulty proportion with your team.

Rapidshare.co  -   Alexa rank - 7,791

Rapidshare was founded in 2002 via Christian Schmid. it's miles a one click on file sharing web page offers each commercial and loose services. website online available in 4 language english, german, spanish, french. upto 3 tens of millions users use this web page world huge. The rapidshare has principal controlling workplace in switzerland and baar. In 2012 rapidshare announce all free customers can down load documents with no pace limit. in accordance compete.com 307,555 precise traffic use rapidshare internet site.

Hightail.com  -   Alexa rank = 5   free on line garage space = 2 GB

Hightail.com is a cloud-based file upload service. It changed into evolved in 2004 by Amir Shaikh, Ranjith and Khalid. It offer 2 GB loose space. In 2007 hightail offer plug ins and some extra features for business development. In 2013 employer has greater than 41 million registered users world huge and 102,398,476 documents shared at the net the use of this service. Hightail carrier may be used from android/iOS cellular devices, Mac and Window working machine.

Turbobit.internet  -   Alexa rank = 1,321

the use of this site you can shop, share and switch documents in a single-click so we are able to say it's miles a one-click on file transfer service. every person can use turbobit.net with out registration. Its report down load accelerate to one gbit according to 2nd and exchange files up to 5GB.

We use Top 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing Rating: 9 dari 10
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RPP K13,1,RPP Kelas 5,4,RPP KTSP,6,RPP KURIKULUM 2013,135,RPP Matematika,3,RPP Revisi 2017,32,RPP SD,13,RPP SILABUS SD,13,RPP SILABUS SMA,5,RPP SILABUS SMP,22,RPP SMA,4,RPP SMP,3,RPP. Kelas 4. Kurikulum 2013. Revisi Baru,9,RPPH PAUD,11,RPPM,3,RPPM PAUD,11,SBK,4,SD,278,SD K13,1,SD Kelas 1,98,SD Kelas 2,67,SD Kelas 3,56,SD Kelas 4,87,SD Kelas 5,65,SD Kelas 6,58,SD Revisi 2017,5,SD. kurikulum,1,SD/Mi,60,SEKOLAH,31,Sekolah Madrasah,1,Semester,1,Semester 1,198,Semester 2,109,Semester Ganjil,50,Semester Genap,20,Semua Provinsi,1,Seni Budaya,4,SERTIFIKASI GURU,10,SHUN,3,Silabus,55,Silabus K13,2,Silabus KTSP,3,SILABUS KURIKULUM 2013,25,SILABUS PAUD,4,SILABUS SD,3,SILABUS SMA,1,SIM,1,Sistem Penilaian,1,SISWA,11,SK,10,SK&KD,5,skhu,3,SKHUS,4,SKP,6,SKP GURU,6,SKRIPSI,10,SKRIPSI BIOLOGI,3,SKRIPSI FISIKA,1,SKRIPSI HUKUM,2,SKRIPSI KOMPUTER,3,SKRIPSI KOMUNIKASI,1,SLB,1,SMA,41,SMA Kelas X,4,SMA.,2,SMA/MA/SMK,25,SMA/SMK,2,SMK,7,SMP,108,SMP 2016,1,smp. download,1,SMP/MTs,43,SNMPTN,1,SOAL,34,Soal Bahasa Inggris,5,Soal dan Kunci Jawaban,5,Soal Latihan,59,Soal Matematika,10,soal matematika SMA,3,Soal MTK,1,Soal PAS,1,Soal Pilihan Ganda,1,Soal SBK,1,Soal Tema 5,2,Soal Tematik,25,Soal UAS,14,Soal UAS Matematika,2,SOAL UAS SD,15,SOAL UAS SMP,3,Soal Ujian,4,soal UKG,1,soal ukk SMP,1,Soal Ulangan,6,Soal Ulangan Harian,14,SOAL UN SMP,1,SOAL URAIAN,1,Soal UTS,75,soal uts sd,9,SOFTWARE,15,SOP MI,1,SOP PAUD,2,SOP SD,1,SPJ BOS,8,SPP,3,SPS,14,Stadar Operasional,2,STRUKTUR ORGANISASI,2,Supervisi,3,SURAT,39,SURAT KELULUSAN,7,SURAT LAMARAN KERJA,10,SURAT PENAWARAN,1,TABUNGAN,3,Tahu Pelajaran 2017,3,Tahun 2017,51,Tahun 2018,1,Tahun Pelajaran 2017,4,Tahun Pelajaran 2018,2,TATA USAHA,6,TEKNISI,2,Tema,1,Tema 1,1,Tema 2,3,Tema 3,1,Tema 4,4,Tema 4 Berbagai Pekerjaan,1,Tema 5,11,Tema 6,3,Tema 7,2,Tema 8,3,Tema 9,2,tematik,2,TEMATIK SD,5,Tematik Terpadu,1,TEMPLATE,1,Terbaru,2,Terjemahan,1,Things at Home,3,TIK,1,TIPS,44,TK,27,TK/PAUD,3,TPA,15,TRY OUT SD,2,TUNJANGAN GURU,14,TUTORIAL,12,UAS,37,UASBN,1,UH,4,Ujian,19,UJIAN NASIONAL,2,UJIAN SEKOLAH SD,6,UKG,16,UKG 2016,1,UKK,28,UKM,6,Ulangan,4,Ulangan Harian,11,un,7,UN 2014,3,UN 2015,8,UN 2017,1,UNAS,1,UNBK,4,Update 2017,2,Update 2018,6,US,6,USBN,8,UTS,136,UTS Matematika,1,Vegetables,3,Verbs,3,versi 4.00,1,VERVAL PESERTA DIDIK,15,VERVAL PROSES PEMBELAJARAN,1,Video,37,Website,1,Wikiedukasi,18,Word,33,YouTube,5,
Operator Sekolah: We use Top 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing
We use Top 10 Best File Sharing Sites for Document Sharing
Operator Sekolah
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